Benjamin Schneider | Hiking Memory - Seven Bridges Trail (My Fall Edition)

Hiking Memory - Seven Bridges Trail (My Fall Edition)

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Seven Bridges Trail – My Fall Edition

This is my fall version of the famous Seven Bridges Trail. Fall version because I like to extend it a little further up to an area with a lot of beautiful aspen trees.

Unfortunately I was not able to do this hike this year, because one of the bridges was closed due to replacement. But with plenty aspen trees in the area it just has to be an awesome photo location!


1. Short Overview

Length (out and back):               10,3km (6.4 miles)

Altitude Difference:                    510m (1670ft.)

Time (out and back):                   roughly 4 hours

Coordinates (Starting Point):      38.790289, -104.903980


2. Map


3. The Hike

The hike starts at the parking lot right after Helen Hunt Falls. The first part of the trail follows Gold Camp Road and is fairly even until you reach North Cheyenne Creek.

There you turn right and follow the creek all the way up over all seven bridges (hence the name) right after Bridge 7. That part of the trail is increasing altitude constantly but is relatively easy to walk and should be suited for all ages.

From here the trail is cut into some rock formations and gets tougher and narrower. You also have to walk along some mountain sides where the trail just consists of sand and gravel that can easily slide down the slope that runs on your side, so be very careful where you step! If you don’t feel comfortable to continue, just turn around and enjoy the many nice spots along the bridges!

Once you cleared the potentially dangerous area the trail gets better again and keeps on climbing up until you reach the area where plenty of aspen trees are growing.

The trail is normally pretty quiet during the early mornings, but gets busier before noon. You will encounter a lot of people by that time.

Here you can download the gpx file for use in smartphone or Navigation System (Right click -> Save As): GPX File


4. Photographic Opportunities:

As I mentioned already and as you expected I assume, this trail has lots of photo opportunities!

The little creek with its crossing bridges offers a lot of nice spots and I would sit here for hours would I try to mention all of them! Plan enough time to search and find the best ones. Some of them are hidden by leaves and bushes so make sure you explore the whole area!

Here are some examples to show you what you can expect:

Seven Bridges 3Seven Bridges 3


Seven Fall BridgesSeven Fall BridgesSeven Bridges Trail at Fall.
My tripod was setup on a tree branch for that shot. Took me a while to ensure that it was not shaking. Guess if somebody would have watched me, they would have thought that i was a little crazy ;-)

The last part of the hike with all its aspen trees should also ensure plenty of opportunities to get some nice fall shots. As I mentioned I could not see it for myself this year, but I will for sure write an update once I witnessed it next fall.


5. Light Situation

It is hard to tell something about the light situation for the aforementioned reasons, but when it comes to waterfall/creek photography it is almost always advisable to photograph it on an overcast day.

This allows for nice even light, without any harsh shadows. It also eliminates blown out highlights in the water.

For the aspen trees I would like to have both light situations: Nice and even on an overcast day but also sunlight closer to the horizon to allow backlit photos of the leaves. I think the area can be really nice in almost all light situations, so I would go there a few times to get a variety of moods.


6. Conclusion

A moderate to hard hike with plenty photographic opportunities right outside Colorado Springs.

I went there a couple times already, and I will sure go again. And again…

Highly recommended!


If you have any questions or you would like to hear more, just let me know!

Thank you and I hope you have a photo-tastic week!




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